Driven by an inquiry approach, our Australian-curriculum aligned programs empower young people to become informed, active and engaged citizens.    

School children raise their hands while sitting in the Senate Chamber which has red carpet and wood panelled benches in a U-shape.


Support your students to become active citizens in the very place where decisions that shaped our nation were made.

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Visit MoAD from your classroom and get young people talking about democracy, leadership, media literacy and sustainability.

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A woman looks off to the side and some screens and other technology are out of focus in the background
Two people stand holding clipboards, smiling and talking to a person about old parliament house's chamber of representatives.


Develop your skills and create engaging learning experiences through practical resources and ideas for the classroom.

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Find online learning resources for Kindergarten to Year 12 and engage your students in the classroom on core topics like student voice and agency, civic participation and media literacy.

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Primary school students hold up a sign which reads 'build a dam, build a future' inside Old Parliament House during an onsite program.